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Mould Removal

Mould Removal


    Looking for mould removal specialists?

    At Absolute Restoration, we provide a comprehensive range of services for mould removal to ensure that your property is free from any trace of mould. As mould removal experts, we understand your concerns and the problems associated with mould and the risk to your health. With our professional mould removal service, we can create a healthy living environment. We are experts in dealing with all levels and types of mould and you can count on us for the best possible outcome. If you are concerned about the presence of mould on your property, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will ensure that mould spores are eliminated and there is no future build-up. Whether you require service for ceiling mould removal or have some other requirement, we will be happy to assist you.

    Efficient Mould Removal Service

    Mould results from excess moisture and can be caused due to leaking pipes or a damaged window or ceiling. There are different types of mould treatment and infestations method needs to be figured accordingly to get the best result.

    We will begin by getting to the root of the problem to identify the cause of the mould. We make use of advanced removal techniques and take great care to ensure that there is no damage to your property. We will remove and clean areas that have been ruined by mould to restore the look of your home.

    Our service is designed for your convenience and we can help remove mould effectively and efficiently. If you are concerned about the presence of mould on your property, do not panic. Call us immediately and we will offer a finish with no traces of mould. Connect with us to find out more.

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      If you are preparing a property for mould inspection, you need to ensure the following points.

      • Identify the source of the moisture and get rid of it.
      • Diluted vinegar can be used to clean mould.
      • Chlorine bleach also makes an effective ingredient for mould removal.
      • Scrub the mould away and treat it with baking soda and water.
      • Use a mixture of tea tree oil and water.

      If you want to get mould out of curtains, you can make use of the following methods.

      • Use a hard bristle brush and warm water to remove as much mould as possible.
      • Apply a professional solution to decontaminate the affected area.
      • You can machine wash decontaminated curtains on low temperature.
      • Fully air dry the curtains in an open space.