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Energy Recovery Ventilation

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    There are many homes nowadays in Australia that have been designed to be air tight in order to reduce energy consumption, but air circulation can be severely limited as a result. This can have a serious health impact on the people living inside, as bacteria inside the home is 1,000 times more dangerous than bacteria outside the home! Adequate air flow helps this level decrease, so making sure that the home has good quality air and proper ventilation is essential to help ensure the health and wellbeing of anybody living inside.

    Our technicians are passionate about improving air quality, educating our customers about good ventilation and providing long term solutions to ensure future health and wellbeing. Our ERV system has numerous benefits, including:

    • Providing constant circulation of fresh, filtered dehumidified air
    • Eliminating atmospheric moisture, condensation, bacteria and other pollutants
    • Providing a natural fit for air-tight homes and work environments, especially where air quality and energy consumption is an important consideration.
    • Reducing the need for heating and cooling systems, which are perfect breeding grounds for contaminations to manifest.

    Don’t risk your health– contact our team and ask about installing ERV technology today!

    Want to Ensure Good Indoor Air Quality?

    Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can impact health and overall wellbeing. Without adequate crossflow ventilation of the Living Area, occupants are at risk of developing health problems that may aggravate over time.

    Prolonged exposure to breathing poor indoor air quality can cause significant health issues. It is essential that all indoor living environments are adequately ventilated. Should you be looking for a healthy energy efficient living environment, energy recovery ventilation is your answer.

    Energy recovery ventilation maintains optimum Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by the continuous circulation of dehumidified fresh air.

    • There are several benefits offered by a heat recovery ventilation system.
    • The constant flow of filtered air into your home
    • The removal of pollutants, bacteria and atmospheric moisture
    • The ideas solution for air-tight homes and spaces with poor circulation
    • Energy efficient

    Heat Recovery Ventilation in Australia

    If you are keen to improve air quality and overall wellbeing, the experts at Absolute Restoration can help you find the best solution. We are passionate about improving the quality of air and will provide innovative systems to replace stale air with fresh air. Our solutions are designed to provide efficient fresh air distribution and we can help you maintain a healthy ambience.

    If you are concerned about indoor air quality and the presence of mould, connect with us. With our mould removal service and ventilation solutions, we can enrich homes with clean fresh air.

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      The ERV works by removing humidity and moisture from the air entering your home. As the air entering passes through the ventilator, it becomes cooler.

      The advantage of using a heat recovery ventilation system is that it lowers the carbon footprint and energy cost. The limitation is that it uses extra space and is not suitable for cooling.