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Mould Inspection

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    Looking for an experienced mould inspector?

    At Absolute Restoration, we understand that identifying mould can be a challenging task. We provide comprehensive mould inspection services and make use of cutting-edge techniques for reliable results. Our service for mould inspection is based on established methods and we provide a detailed mould inspection report to determine the best course of action. We perform diagnostic tests to figure out the potential hazards. Our consultants possess many years of Industry training that equips them with the methods to identify the cause of poor air quality (IAQ). We will help you understand the true extent of the problem and ways to rectify it.

    Benefits of Our Mould Inspection in Melbourne

    • Quality service offered by experienced and qualified remediation technicians.
    • Thorough analysis to determine and evaluate mould infestation.
    • Air and Swap Analysis Services
    • Identifying the prime cause enables us to eliminate the symptom
    • Reliable and accurate results

    Our goal is to provide complete information about the magnitude of mould formation, the air quality and identifying the root of the problem. We will also suggest effective remedial measures that you can adopt to get rid of the mould and prevent them from coming back again. As a leading company offering effective mould removal service, we provide impartial assessment and you can count on us for reliable information.

    Our reports are thorough and easy to understand. We will clearly state if the property is safe and the measures that need to be taken. We will also provide information related to the mould species to help eradicate the problem.

    If you have a mould problem on your property, speak to our specialists. Our mould inspection professionals will be happy to help you. Call us today to find out more.

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      Mould inspection checklist
      If you are preparing a property for mould inspection, you need to ensure the following points.

      • Close exterior windows to avoid exterior ventilation for about 24-48 hours before the inspection.
      • Prepare the property for inspection by removing clutter from kitchens and bathrooms.
      • Do not spray chemicals 24-48 hours before the inspection.
      • Do not use air purifiers, humidifiers for 24-48 hours before the inspection.
      • Avoid thorough cleaning before the inspection.

      The cost of a mould inspection depends on the size of the property that you want us to inspect. We carry out a thorough assessment and provide a detailed report. Speak to our expert consultants to discuss the extent of the problem and book an inspection service.