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How to Clean Mould from Your Bathroom

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  • How to Clean Mould from Your Bathroom

How to Clean Mould from Your Bathroom

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  • How to Clean Mould from Your Bathroom
How to Clean Mould from Your Bathroom
Clean Mould from Your Bathroom

Have you cleaned the bathroom thoroughly and found that after a short time mould infestation has returned. Mould infestation thrives where atmospheric moisture is exposed to high Relative Humidity.

Most people utalize a wide variety of products like vinegar, baking soda, borax, to clean mould  infestation. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used depending on the mould growth.

Chemical Chlorine is another option that should be used very carefully.

Ways to clean mould from a Bathroom Ceiling

There are many natural products

Things you need

A list of things that you will need for cleaning mould on bathroom ceiling.

  • Choice of cleaner
  • Vinegar (undiluted. Can be mixed either with borax, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide)
  • Borax (one cup in a gallon of water)
  • Baking Soda (two parts with one part of vinegar)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide ( 3 to 6% undiluted)
  • Spray bottle having an adjustable nozzle
  • Brushes for scrubbing
  • Microfibre cloth for wiping
  • Safety gear (gloves, goggles, face mask)

Cleaning steps

Here is a brief step-by-step cleaning process. You can repeat this process till all mould is cleaned off the surface. Close all vents in the bathroom to stop the spores from spreading. Keep a window open for ventilation. Take all needed safety precautions before starting the work.

Step 1

Scrub off the mould with a brush or wipe with a dry cloth. Never use a damp cloth or water as it will dilute the effect of the cleaning solution unless you are using chlorine bleach.

Step 2

Take the cleaner in a spray bottle and spray generously on the surface and surrounding areas. Leave it for an hour (minimum). It is better if you leave the area to dry.

Step 3

Scrub with the brush. The mould will be discolored. Spray the solution again if required and scrub again. Leave it for some time. This will make sure that all mould is cleared.

Step 4

Wipe off all the residue with a fresh cloth. Then use a damp clean cloth to remove the excess cleaning solution and residual mould debris.

Step 5

Use the microfiber cloth to absorb dampness. Let the surface air dry. You can repeat this process until all mould is cleaned from the ceiling.

In case you have to use bleach, mix bleach (one-quarter cup) and water (one quart). Make a paste and apply it to the affected surface. Let it dry for twenty minutes. Reapply and wait for 20 more minutes. Scrub and wipe as mentioned in steps 4 and 5.

Ceiling Treatment

Cleaning mould on bathroom ceiling following the above-mentioned steps will be effective when you treat the ceiling surface to permanently stop mould growth. Some ways to treat the ceiling are:

  • Apply borax on the surface generously and let it dry. Do not remove.
  • Use a barrier solution followed by emulsion with a fungicide additive.
  • Put mould killer and clean it off as per the manufacturer’s instruction.

Neutralizing the favorable growth conditions completes the mould cleaning process. Some ways to keep the mould producing moisture to a minimum are:

  • A powerful exhaust fan to reduce humidity
  • Seal Shower Tiles using a clear Tile Sealer product
  • Keep windows and bathroom door closed when using Exhaust Fan to improve ventilation

By now you must have a complete idea of what gives rise to mould in your bathroom to ways to stop the infestation permanently. If nothing works, call for Absolute Restoration. They are professionals who clean and treat moulds putting a stop to their return.